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I just want to tell you, I'm the one who was supposed to take care of everything. I'm the one who was supposed to make everything okay for everybody. It just didn't work out like that. And I left. I left you... And now, I'm an old broken down piece of meat... and I'm alone. And I deserve to be all alone. I just don't want you to hate me.

-Randy 'The Ram' Robinson, The Wrestler

samedi 17 juin 2017

One sentence reviews (11)

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01. Magnificent Seven (2016): 3/5

A surprisingly okay action film with lazy script but decently-laid-out characters. Of course you can hardly go wrong with the tight structure and archetypical characters of "Seven Samurai", but bringing in a bunch of dependable or at least decent actors ("actors", as the only leading female Haley Bennett was unremarkable in her role, although partly due to the typically Hollywood and disappointing treatment of female characters in this film), and setting the film in the fresh environment of the Wild Wild West really help. The film would have been much better had its director and writers paid more attention to actual character development instead of cheesy and sometime annoying sequences full of banters or nonsense dialogues. The ending of the film also noticeably lacked the underlying message of the original "Seven Samurai", which is the "magnificence" of common people ("the villagers") with simple mind but stronger will than any "hero" of extreme prowess. Nevertheless, still a very enjoyable action film this one definitely is.

02. Silence (2017): 3/5

Supposed to be an inspiring cinematic experience, this film turned out to be very underwhelming with slow pace, uneventful script, and uninspiring acting. Of course the source material being a psychological novel with strong focus on theological thoughts must make it difficult for Martin Scorsese to translate its values into his language of cinema. But  such obstacle should not be considered an excuse for such beacon of world cinema like Scorsese, especially when the film still possesses the best technical characteristics of a Scorsese's work, from the cool palette of cinematography (Rodrigo Prieto really is a dependable DoP), to the smooth editing by none other than Thelma Schoonmaker, but the poor performance by Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver and ALL Japanese actors did not provide the audience with any chance to sympathize with the ordeal of the film's protagonists. The acting of the Japanese cast is really atrocious, the often-charismatic Tadanobu Asano included, which can be attributed to either poor casting, or lackluster direction of Scorses, or simply subpar talents, or all of them, but when even Liam Neeson could not impress the viewers (his way smaller role in "Gangs of New York" is much more impressive than his appearance in this film), one should question the quality of film-making here. Cinephiles all over the world can only hope that Scorsese will bounce back in his next film, because this one is really disappointing given his high standard and consistent turn-out.

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